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BEST Course in Summer 2024

What ıs BEST?

BEST is a voluntary international association, apolitical, non-profit and non-representative of the students of technical universities in Europe. Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.  The aim of BEST is to enable European technology students to reach a more international mindset, to better understand European cultures and to increase their capacity to work in international platforms. For this purpose, BEST creates opportunities for students from different countries to meet and work together through activities such as academic events, education symposiums and engineering competitions. It also provides career support to students through activities such as international career support and career days.



Founded in 2008, LBG (Local BEST Group) Istanbul Yildiz has been an active and hardworking member of BEST ever since. We’re an enthusiastic and dynamic group of friends mainly composed of engineering students at Yildiz Technical University. BEST Istanbul Yildiz brings its members together to achieve both career growth and good friendships. BEST Istanbul Yildiz, which organizes regular events every year, establishes partnerships with companies and provides them the opportunity to meet with students from YTU  and from Europe who are guests of our country.


What ıs best courses?

  • Complement your knowledge in different fields of study
  • Visit companies, industrial plants and research centres
  • Take part in case studies
  • Follow interesting classes covering many different technology fields, economics, marketing and management
  • Receive ECTS credits in recognised courses

In these events, participants attend lectures given by the university’s teaching staff or by experts from companies. At the end of the course students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants’ success.

A BEST Course is an optimised event and should fulfill these general criteria: provide new knowledge or skills for participants, being taught by professional people. Subtypes are BEST Courses on Technology, BEST Courses on Career Related Skills and BEST Courses on Applied Engineering.

BEST Course on Technology aims at increasing and widening the professional knowledge of the participant in a certain field of technology about modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements.


BEST Course on Career Related Skills contains non-technological subjects that develop personal skills in topics linked with working methods, communication techniques, marketing, economics, project and organisation management and other such soft skills, stressing practical work.

In a BEST Course on Applied Engineering, participants put theoretical knowledge into practice. They work in different teams and solve specific time-bounded tasks, with limited resources and present their solutions at the end.

You can find list of BEST Courses to apply in the List of courses page.

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Harun Pulaş

Main Organiser

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Ahmet Cem Ünver

Vice President for Services